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Business Development




Stephan brings extensive expertise in customer care and business development, coupled with a strong focus on change management. He excels in identifying a business's core values from the customer's viewpoint.

Using a methodical approach, Stephan places great importance on understanding the current state of the business. This serves as a guiding principle throughout the analysis of the target audience, product offerings, customer service delivery, logistics, marketing, and branding.

Whether working with non-profit organizations or established businesses, Stephan recognizes the need for careful adjustment without disrupting stability. His goal is to enhance customer attraction and empower staff and owners to meet customer needs promptly and effectively.

By implementing strategic changes, Stephan ensures that the company's mission and vision are strengthened. This approach drives business development while maintaining a clear focus on customer satisfaction.


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Getting to know YOU and your business

Who are YOU?

Whom are you serving?

WHY are you serving?

WHAT are you serving?


Analysis of your product, services, and the market

What are your STRENGTH

WHO is your ideal customer?

HOW will you serve them?

WHAT will you solve for them?


Building or adjusting your business goals

Getting clear on the mission

Forming a strong vision

forming your brand

knowing your target market


Implement the mission and vision to your customers

Implementing branding standards

implementing marketing tools

implementing products

implementing metrics analytics

Business Resources

Customer Avatar

To grow your business you need to know your ideal customers to serve products and services, at the right time and right place.

Creating a persona for products and services could be overwhelming, but is key for make or break in the business,


By using an avatar canvas and following the instructions gives clarity both for the future products and services offered to your specific market, and absolutely crucial for marketing to your audience.

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