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Business Development




Stephan is a Business Professional that

have a strong belief in visual processes and the benefits of implementing creativity in a holistic manner as a magnifier of data and analytics.


“I like the magic of making visual storyboards in

the beginning of a project to get the visual state

before launching a lean-agile process.

The processes will change over time, and also the storyboard, hence the benefit of a good storyboard is that the branding will have a subtle shine on the work process in a subconscious way that will have a huge role in the final solution.”


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Getting to know YOU and your business

Who are YOU?

Whom are you serving?

WHY are you serving?

WHAT are you serving?


Analysis of your product, services, and the market

What are your STRENGTH

WHO is your ideal customer?

HOW will you serve them?

WHAT will you solve for them?


Building or adjusting your business goals

Getting clear on the mission

Forming a strong vision

forming your brand

knowing your target market


Implement the mission and vision to your customers

Implementing branding standards

implementing marketing tools

implementing products

implementing metrics analytics

Business Resources

Customer Avatar

To grow your business you need to know your ideal customers to serve products and services, at the right time and right place.

Creating a persona for products and services could be overwhelming, but is key for make or break in the business,


By using an avatar canvas and following the instructions gives clarity both for the future products and services offered to your specific market, and absolutely crucial for marketing to your audience.

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