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Business Development




Stephan is a Business Development Coach that

have a strong belief in visual processes and the benefits of implementing creativity in a holistic manner as a magnifier of data and analytics.


“I like the magic of making visual storyboards in

the beginning of a project to get the visual state

before launching a lean-agile process.

The processes will change over time, and also the storyboard, hence the benefit of a good storyboard is that the branding will have a subtle shine on the work process in a subconscious way that will have a huge role in the final solution.”

Coaching Model

The steps

Start Consultation

Are we a match?

If you can see your investment in growth for your business and brand by using my consulting services, then let´s meet up for a start-up meeting!!

Understand & Analysis

Summerise & Implement

Are we on the same vision?

Understanding the present now is the core of elevating your business to it´s fullest potential and plan for the steps to bring the future business!

Are we ready for the future?

The implementation of the vision is where we get the mission, vision in the hands of your customers, for them, served by you!

Business support

Start Up

Are you planning your first business or would like to build your business model for flexibility during the process?

To make a business plan could be an overwhelming experience!


By using a business canvas and following the instructions gives clarity both for the future presentation for the investors and for the process of finding the best model for your personal business model.

Lean Canvas Template